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Quality Die Cutting

Formed in 1991, Quality Die Cutting is a custom fabricator of gaskets, seals, vibration pads, electrical insulators, thermal interface pads, and EMI/RFI shielding.  Our parts are used in the aerospace, medical, telecom, power supply, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and many other high-tech industries.  We operate a wide variety of die cutting, slitting, and laminating equipment which allows us to complete most jobs entirely in-house for complete control of your order.  Whether you need a single prototype part or multiple thousands of an item, we have the appropriate equipment to meet your needs.  Continuous investment in new equipment and technologies, along with a modern ISO 9001 registered quality system insures that your order will made on time, correctly, and in a cost competitive manner.  Quality Die ships worldwide and can provide products which are certified to meet the European RoHS standards.  Many of our customers take advantage of our just-in-time and Kanban capabilities using wither EDI or other computer based release systems.

Consider us not just as a source of parts, but rather as your partner from design inception, through material selection, and on to the final production of your product.  We can provide material selection assistance and we are available to consult with your engineering personnel on tolerancing and design for manufacturability issue. Our in-house die making facility allows us to work to an accuracy of +/- .005” and tighter tolerances are available on stable rigid materials.  Bar coding and statistical process control are both available, and we can provide you with assembly services should you desire to keep your vendor bas small.  We offer you a complete solution to your die cutting and non-metallic stamping needs.